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About us

Awesome Resources was founded in 2010 by Sam Tilston, a cyber security professional with 20+ years experience. Cyber security advisor to the Ministry of Interior, Iraq & CIS countries. A small bespoke practice with a range of government and private clients delivering software and hardware solutions, training and capacity building, consultancy and proactive client based services. A network of specialists and collaborators in 20+ countries who come together on a project by project basis with expertise across the full range of disciplines required to respond to client needs. Active in UK, Europe, Africa, FSU and Middle East with network of language specialists as required.

3.5 billion

Internet Users


Percentage of Malware delivered by Email

$150 million

Average cost of a cyber breach in 2020


Percentage of fileless attacks


Malware samples produced everyday


Percentage of attacks beginning with spear fishing


We offer a range of cyber security, defence and monitoring services.

Our services include.

  • Proactive Reputation Management

  • National Cyber Assessment

  • Election Protection

  • Cyber Defence


Currently designing programmes for the UK Government covering Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana and Mauritius, previously implemented multi-year, multi-country programmes for the Foreign and Commonwealth and Cabinet Office across the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) and former Soviet regions. Work in human rights and with social enterprise and private sector start-ups has led to an increasing focus on cyber security, counter terrorism and extremism and anti-corruption training for judges and prosecutors in the Gulf. Currently running Cyber policy maker networks for the FCO in MENA and Africa, and recently ran a countering violent extremism network in MENA for the Cabinet Office. Other governmental and non-governmental clients include: United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq Political Affairs Office and UNOPs Iraq; British Embassies in Baghdad, Bahrain, Oman and Ukraine; Omani Attorney General’s office and Ministry of Justice and Royal Customs Service; Bahraini Public Prosecution and Ministry of Justice; Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Human Rights and the British Museum.

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