Proactive Reputation Management

We will change a client’s digital imprint:


• Produce multiple items to be distributed online within the first five working days of the contract

• Create fixed content in the form of a website and a linkedin profile with articles posted regularly

• Place and distribute key articles in online media to support and underpin the repositioning above

• Maintain, extend and enhance the new material on a weekly basis around the initial and developing themes

• Work with the client on audio-visual material to shift any current items from their rankings

• Manage an overall alternative strategy of presenting our client’s expertise

• All items are written by academics, fact checked and clearly sourced to the original item or insight

After a careful analysis of current search ranking positions and the tracking and measurement of key metrics we will devise a search engine optimization strategy that combines driving traffic from our own source sites in the right direction with the creation of quality content based on the right combination of keyword searchers and url construction that can placed on high value sites.

Our approach is based on the researching and writing of a content of sustained quality and volume to shift the make-up of a client’s digital imprint and search engine profile. We take the areas of expertise of the client and map this onto the latest published academic, trade and consultancy literature base globally.


Around 4 million research and academic peer reviewed papers are published annually. These contain material that reflects a client’s interests and expertise. From a sweep of these sources, we identify key themes that can be developed into media products – articles, blogs, social media posts, videos, tweets – and then disseminate these through paid and unpaid placement on our own resources, on sources created for the client and through third parties.


The media and social media products are distributed across fixed and variable platforms that are keyword linked and have the right built in urls. The main fixed platforms are specially designed client websites and linked in profiles. The variable platforms include Twitter, Instagram, blog posts across key news and media sites, blogs posts across blogs in relevant areas or created for the purposes of the campaign and Facebook if appropriate.




For a recent client, we mapped out key interest areas as Latin American trade, food, banking and entrepreneurship. We generated content based on the latest research from key academic journals, World Bank and IMF research, Boston Consulting and other sources. For example, our expert identified an article in the Journal of Small Business Management on the future of franchises. This was turned into an article in which our client predicted the next five big Latin American franchises. This was placed in a national UK newspaper and was then picked up on and syndicated to a range of news outlets in the UK and the USA. This pushed positive coverage to the top of the Google search engines. This included paid for content in key publications and the driving of messaging through a sustained blog and other activity to back up the initial article. The content of the articles also created an overall online profile of expertise and experience which acts as a counter-narrative to current negative coverage. Over time, this creates the desired more positive digital footprint.